Listen, are you breathing just a little, and calling it life? - Mary Oliver

Big Ideas is an oasis for profound and practical transformation. It is a pool of clear water bubbling up from inner power and wisdom. It is a place to "dip your bucket down" and bring up your prophet, to draw your vision, power and soul from within. It is a sanctuary for your creative imagination and a channel to bring your soul qualities and aliveness into creative action. It is a forum for positive, inspiring energy to gather in community. It is the company of women and teens in Rich Conversation to discover and nourish seed ideas that are truly ours to do so we can participate in the ongoing creation of the world we want. Why is it so important now? Because the more we do this, the better our world will be. This is the edge of time when real change is possible. We are here to create, not in a self-sacrificing way, not at our own expense, but from true, strong, deep energy from the depths of our soul. It is contributing to others as a form of self expression like a rose gives off her fragrance.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Summertime is Here Ripe with Plenty of Time

Come join us any time you choose for Movies and Conversations in Summer.  Nourish what is ripe inside you with conversations that touch a hunger, tenderness and joy within.

July 9 Wed eve, 6:30 - 9:15pm
Symphony of the Soil film and Conversation

If you love fresh fruits and veggies, the beauty of flowers, and the call to learn something that matters, join us.  Glimpse pure wonder as we discover the beautiful truth of what we ordinarily can't see.

July 18 Fri morn, 10a - noon
Conversations about Forgiveness and Regrets

A harvest awaits us in a new discovery.  What part of us can actually forgive and how does it happen?  Why?

July 23 Wed eve, 6:30 - 9:15p
Life of Pi film and Conversation

The teaching power of mythic stories in our life.  What tames us?  What is wild within?  What is freedom from the too small spaces that imprison us?

August 1 Fri morn, 10a - noon
A Theme for your Life Now.  Harvesting the fruits that are ours.

Conversation about purpose, intentions and themes for our lives.  What is freedom?  How do we find our compass when life changes and we enter new uncertain territory?

August 6 Wed eve, 6:30 - 9:00 pm
8 Fearless Questions to Ask Yourself DVD and Conversation ~ the wild truth

August 8 Fri morn, 10a - noon
Conversations about Knowing in your Bones and Vulnerability ~ more wild truth

August 15 Fri Eve, 5:30 - 8p and August 16 Sat 10a - 5:30p
Meet your Muse as She Emerges in Paint 

We all have an inner Essential Self, an old Interior Angel with No-Nonsense Wisdom and Compassion, our Soul, our Delight, our Wild Truth within.  She has many names and faces yet often lives submerged in our post-it list lives and busy agendas.

It's my birthday and I'd love to celebrate in a special way with you.  Jodi and Mary have created a process that works for everyone in which your inner muse emerges visually in paint and you discover her arriving at your door.  Trust me you won't know how and it doesn't matter.  More details and how to register for this workshop coming soon.  For now, save the dates. 
To reserve your space for all other July and August sessions on Wed eve and Fri morn, registration in advance is necessary.  $45 for each session.  Please send your check to Big Ideas/Carole Peccorini, 18398 Riverside Drive, Sonoma CA 95476.  Tell me which dates you are planning to attend.  Call 707-996-2167 for info, requests, questions.

Wildly and warmly,  Carole

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Listen: Worlds are Forming in Our Hearts and Souls ~ Big Ideas Winter into Spring Series 2014 ~ An Invitation in 2 Parts

Across the centuries we have this timeless 

Live directly,
and care for your soul as if it
were the whole world.                                                              
The Little Book of Awakening, - poet Mark Nepo

I help women tend to their souls and to bring more soul into the world. We need each other to do this. We need to stay in authentic conversations about what our heart feels and knows to be true. Our life of feelings returns us to a river of aliveness that is always seeking us. With our hearts and souls, we pay attention. We engage. We take action from this inner place and it ripples out. We experience transformation regularly. Moments fully met are always doorways.

Are you attending to the emerging story of your life?  - Carol Hegedus

We are all in this together.

Anything you can do from the soulful self will help lighten the burden of the world  ~  anything.   Clarissa Pinkola Estes

Part 1 ~ Listen to a talk by Lynne Twist on The Soul of Money to open our conversation for 2014

Choose the best time option for you: Wednesday eve, January 8 from 6:45 – 9:15 pm or Friday morn, January 10 from 9:45a – 12:15 pm.   Sonoma location. Preregister $45.  Single session.

Lynne‘s recording offers us a deeply moving conversation about the disturbance in our culture with money and what is enough? She invites us into an intimate conversation about money and the false beliefs that confuse us and create a huge mix-up about what is so. Most of us live in a world of striving and we feel upset and fearful about money no matter how much we have or don’t have.

You will be deeply moved as Lynne’s stories travel right to the heart and soul of sufficiency and whether we feel we are ever enough.

Our conversation offers us an inspiring, radical first step into the new year.

Part 2 ~ Stepping toward the Life You Want for Yourself

Our six-session series beginning either Wednesday eve,  January 22 or you may choose Friday morning, Jan 24

In his poem called True Love, David Whyte writes about that moment when we finally step out of the boat and everything holds:

And if you wanted
To drown you could,
But you don’t

Because finally
After all this struggle
And all these years,
You don’t want to any more,
You’ve simply had enough
Of drowning,
And you want to live and you
Want to love and you will
Walk across any territory
And any darkness. . . .

When we take the risk to become what we love the most, we become genuine to the depths of our souls and this alignment benefits us and everyone around us.

We will explore intimacy. We will play with how we create something new within our own lives. We’ll do an Intentions process like you have never done it before ~ inside out and upside down so your thinking mind cannot control and imprison your aliveness.  "You must remember one thing," resounds David Whyte.  "The world was meant to be free in."

6 Session Series ~ Winter into Spring 2014 ~ Sonoma location

Wed eves: 1/22, 2/5, 2/19, 3/5, 3/19, 4/2
Fri morns:  1/24, 2/7, 2/21, 3/7, 3/21, 4/4

Why do a 6-session series? Because it works ~ and it is more than you or I can imagine.
The small group is the unit of transformation in the 21st C. We are in this together. We can’t do it alone.

Preregister to reserve your space and your commitment to yourself with physical action. 
There are two options:

Send your check in advance to Carole Peccorini/Big Ideas, 18398 Riverside Drive, Sonoma CA 95476. $270 (or you may choose 2 payments of $135 each) for the 6 session series. $45 for the Lynne Twist conversation on Jan 8 or 10. Or if you attend both, the total would be $315.
Please indicate whether you want to attend the Wed eve or Fri morn offerings. I'll need your email address and/or phone number to confirm and provide you location information.

Or, you may preregister online with the same choices in the right sidebar above.  There is an additional fee for the PayPal charge which is included in the registration sidebar.  You may use their credit card option if you choose. You do not have to have a PayPal account yourself to pay with your credit card.

At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person. Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lit the flame within us.  -  Albert Schweitzer

There is nothing like the freedom of  human soul on fire,

Carole Peccorini RN, MA

Friday, August 9, 2013

Your Fire Grows Because the Space Is There ~ Big Ideas Fall Series 2013 ~ An Invitation in 3 Parts

A fire grows because the space is there
With openings in which the flame that knows
Just how it wants to burn
Can find its way.

~ from Fire by Judy Sorum-Brown
The Art and Spirit of Leadership

Part 1 ~ A Talk by Marianna Cacciatore ~ Meeting at the Intersection of Grief, Generosity and Love to Create the Space for a Shared World ~ and to open our conversations for our Fall Small Group Series. 


Wednesday Eve, August 28, Sonoma. 7 ~ 9 pm. Limited Seating. Pre-registration by check or online. $45.

Marianna Cacciatore
Founding Executive Director, Bread for the Journey
International Author of Being There for Someone in Grief
Founder of Children to Children, A Center for Children and Families in Grief
In her talk, Marianna illustrates the passage from grief to generosity to love ~ a journey she has lived ~ as a remarkable treasure map that has been hidden in plain sight for as long as humans have lived. She draws on her experience in philanthropy to bring attention to the ways in which generosity can lift us up from the hard things we experience in life and carry us to a place of love.

Her compelling way of telling stories from her own life and the lives of others becomes a healing balm that stays with you long after you’ve gone home. Hers is a hopeful message that does not gloss over the hard realities we face, but instead treats them with a tenderness that offers respect for the truth and a perspective that gives us courage and hope.

After Marianna’s talk we will have space for our conversation together. She will have copies of her book Being There available for purchase, $18. Her book is one of the books we will use in our Fall Small Group Series. You may also be deeply moved to join me in making a gift donation to Bread for the Journey. 

Parts 2 and 3 ~ Our Small Group Series for Fall ~ Two offerings ~ Wednesday eve or Friday mornings 

In many old wisdom cultures, the Fall is the space in the year for learning and letting go.
We will pay attention to this space and grow our awareness of how we can see daily moments in which our response and choice of action can come from breathing space in our pressured lives. We discover a more intimate experience with what we care about most deeply ~ with generosity, gratitude, grace, grief, love along with the tenderness of our vulnerability and the resilience we can build from these core values and experiences. At the heart of love and spirit is openness.

What makes a fire burn
Is the space between the logs,
A breathing space.

We all need a holder of space and this is what our small group conversations provide for you, for all of us. You will become more skilled at building breathing space for yourself and with others and discover the benefits of openness in your own experience.

Part 2 ~ A Stepping In 

For new small group members (or a refresh and deepen revisit for others)
Wednesday evenings from 7 – 9 pm ~ Sonoma

In the Wednesday evening group series, we will focus on Daring Greatly by Brene Brown as our first step. We will discover a very practical yet transforming secret. Adding more armor in an effort to not feel our vulnerability is like piling more and more logs on the fire until it compresses all the space and snuffs out the flames of feeling alive and wholehearted and creative. When we tell the truth about our vulnerability and it is OK, the armor loosens its grip and space expands to fuel our fire.

It is a daring strategy about action in the present moment and in the openness of space that is available to us in every moment once we see it.

Being There by Marianna Cacciatore turns our attention toward exploring those spaces of vulnerability shaped by our losses and grief and opening up those spaces for the energy-giving fire to return. We talk about it, we listen and we learn together. It is both profound and practical.

Mark these 7 Wednesday evening dates on your calendar and register because space is limited: Sept 11 and 25, Oct 9 and 23, Nov 6 and 20 and closing on Dec 4.
Pre- registration by check or online. Series $315 

Part 3 ~ Stepping through 

For small group members ready to take prior work with Daring Greatly into some new spaces.
Friday mornings from 10 am – noon ~ Sonoma

While continuing to recognize daily moments to bring our actions in alignment with our core values, with who we truly are rather than our armor, we will turn our attention to portions of 3 books: Saved by a Poem by Kim Rosen, Being There for Someone in Grief by Marianna Cacciatore and Ten Poems to Say Goodbye by Roger Housden. Poetry and transformative words open us to the fullness of our experience, even as it is leaving.

Mark these 7 Friday mornings on your calendar and register because space is limited: Sept 13 and 27, Oct 11 and 25, Nov 8 and 22, and closure on Dec 6.
Pre-registration by check or online. Series $315

Too much of a good thing,
Too many logs packed in too tight,
Can dowse the flames almost as surely
As a pail of water would.

So building fires requires attention
To the spaces in between
As much as the wood.

When we are able to build opens spaces
In the same way we pile on logs,
Then we can come to see
It is the fuel and the absence of fuel together
That makes this possible.

We only need to lay a log lightly from time to time.

We invite you to join us. Together we can learn not to build armor against the truth of life and how to build open spaces instead so we can live our wholehearted fire from within and feel our life moving in us again.

To register for Fall events, you can send your check to Carole Peccorini, Sonoma Big Ideas, 18398 Riverside Drive, Sonoma CA 95476. Or, you can register online at using the PayPal link in the sidebar.  There is an additional fee assessed by PayPal. $2 for the August 28 talk only and $5 for either small group series, with or without the talk on August 28.

To register for both the talk and one of the groups, it is $360 by check or $365 through PayPal.
You will be notified of Sonoma events location upon registration.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Finding the Wedge of Freedom in Your Own Heart ~ Big Ideas Small Group April and May 2013

Last night as I was sleeping,
I dreamt ~ marvelous error! ~
that a spring was breaking out in my heart.
I said:  Along which secret aqueduct,
Oh water, are you coming to me,
water of a new life
that I have never drunk!
    ~ poet Antonio Machado

When we can begin to see our armor and decisions made from fear, we discover we are not free but living in a small and heavy space.  You may know something about this space.

Together in our small groups, we are discovering what works and celebrating.  It is less about the past or achievements in the future.  It is about the present moment and the power to transform it with one small awareness and one small choice.  We practice together.  The waters begin to flow again from hidden places and we have a different conversation with the world.  We are no longer stagnant.

We pay attention.

Our next small group series begins on Wednesday eve, April 17, or you may choose Friday morn, April 19.  We meet every other week for 5 sessions.  For new members the first session is without charge with a handful of seats available only.  We meet in my home in Sonoma.  All the details are below.  Call Carole Peccorini 707-996-2167 for information and to register in advance. 

Carole Pecorrini
What will you discover?
We engage.  We build resilience.  We move away from judgment and toward moments of shared awe and belonging.  When you return to more of yourself in the process, I return to more of myself.

We begin to see the weight of pleasing, performing, perfecting, numbing and judgment.

When we return to the truth of our vulnerability, we grow our courage and creativity to transform from that lowly, yet sacred place.  We move toward whole hearted living and being worthy.  In our culture we dry doing more to feel worthy and it is never enough.

We were meant to be spacious and free and to feel our own hearts beating.  Then we can bring our true selves into courageous conversation with the world and authentic relationships with others.

You can join us.

Dates of the Series:
Attend on either Wed Evenings or Fri Mornings

Wed Eve from 6:45 - 9pm                    Fri Morn from 9:45 - Noon
April 17                                                   April 19 (this session only from 10:45 a - 1pm)
May 1                                                       May 3 
May 15                                                     May 17
May 29                                                     May 31
There will be one more meeting in June ~ date yet to be determined.

Send your check for $225 for the entire series to Carole Peccorini/Big Ideas, 18398 Riverside Drive, Sonoma 95476.  If you are a brand new member to our small groups, there is no charge for the first session and reduced series fee is $180.

Welcoming you to new freedom and joys.

Carole Peccorini RN, MA
Big Ideas and Rich Conversations with Women

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A special invitation to "Give Forward"

“Sometimes you need your God to be a simple invitation.”  Second Sight, David Whyte

Dear Big Ideas Women,

Sometimes there are difficult places we are invited to walk through

To be well and healthy, and then suddenly fall ill, is one of those places. The focus shifts inward and new questions emerge about life itself. One has to pay attention to parts of oneself in tremendous need and to discovering the art of asking for help. These are journeys never meant to be taken alone.

In September by "accident", a small tumor was discovered on the tail of my pancreas. Because of its early discovery and location, complete surgical removal was possible. It was classified as Stage 1 which means there's lots of hope for cure and full recovery. However, the cost of this hope comes with an enormously high price tag. This is a very vulnerable truth to tell you and yet I know it happens to many, many people.

Throughout this time I practiced something I learned from Dr. Brene Brown in her newest book Daring Greatly. It helped me find my way through all the uncertain places. Whenever I felt afraid, I said "I am vulnerable. It's OK. I am grateful for. . . ." I found there were always things to be grateful for in the many people and kindnesses that came my way.

We continued our Big Ideas Small Group series through the fall and holiday season.  

It was not exactly smooth and a few sudden trips to the ER meant we had to reschedule another time to meet and yet we did it. Honestly, I see us doing the most transformational work we have ever done and it moves me deeply. It is the work I've been seeking always. We will be continuing with our next daring series beginning January 23/25 through March 20/22 on Wednesday nights or Friday morns.

There is yet another Big horizon emerging for 2013.

A circle of Big Ideas Women has come together to help generate financial support for me and my husband Francisco for medical and drug costs not covered by insurance. These costs have already far exceeded our total monthly income.**

Margarita Ramirez, who often greeted you at the door at Big Ideas events, recently wrote this beautiful request ~ "Please join us in expressing our communal gratitude to Carole by Gifting Forward at You will be surprised how this can change your life."

To kick off the fundraiser, we've decided to use the same approach that I used to raise funds to send nine young African women to college with The Butterfly Project through sharing the story and inviting people to both make small donations and pass along the story to others as well.

We are hoping to invite a very large community to participate and here's where you could help.

You are some of the most powerful women I know and you have broad connections to many people. Would you be willing to donate $10 and share my fundraising site with your own social network (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, emails, etc.) this week? 

We think we could involve 10,000 people in no time and we might create a model for a new, manageable way for people around the world to help each other in a moment of sincere need.

We all need help and one of the blessings of the internet world is that we can reach out and build a community of caring people who have a BIG impact for the good quickly.

During the first year of Big Ideas, one of our speakers was Alec Loorz. As a teen he's engaged thousands of people and especially kids taking leadership in an awareness campaign about global warming. He has a great visual that shows the ripple of influence we just described and are hoping to spark with this campaign. It visually depicts the ripple effect of small donations shared by many (1 person > shares with 170 friends who in turn share with their networks of friends > ripples out to a spontaneous brand new community of 10,000). And we've reached our goal just like that.

Image courtesy of Alec Loorz, iMatter

As Annie Lamott says, "Help. Thanks. Wow!"

Love, Carole

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Closing the Gap ~ Big Ideas Small Group Series August and September 2012

Later I was in a field full of sunflowers.
I was feeling the heat of midsummer.
I was thinking of the sweet, electric drowse of creation,
when it began to break.

The lightning brighter than any flower.
The thunder without a drowsy bone in its body.

Instructions for living a life:
Pay attention.
Be astonished.
Tell about it.   (by Mary Oliver, from poem Sometimes)

In August and September, we invite you to join our next small group series of 4 meetings as we take another creative pause between our Community Gatherings for Big Ideas.

You have two choices for the series:  Wednesday evenings 7 - 9 pm or Friday mornings from 10 am - noon.  Wednesday evening dates are August 8 and 22, September 12 and 26.  Friday morning dates are August 10 and 24, September 7 and 28.  You can substitute a date if you have a conflict in a particular week.

Join our small group success in Closing the Gap between brightening your awareness and getting it into your body where it can truly take hold and reshape your life into your wholehearted greatness.  And, we can say with great certainty that there is greatness in all of us.

However, insight alone never changes our behavior and experience of our life.  We transform our life when our awareness moves into our bodies ~ our thoughts, feelings and actions ~ and literally changes our brain chemistry.  This is how we can dare greatly.

We pay attention.
If we want to live and love with our whole hearts, and if we want to engage with the world from a place of worthiness, we have to talk about the things that get in the way, especially shame, fear and vulnerability.   

The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown will guide us along with her new book Daring Greatly.  We will also draw from old wisdom stories, poetry, imagination, our dreams.  Whatever we give our attention to expands.

We are willing to be astonished.
You and I can close the gap between who we are being and who we truly are.  Unwiring habitual patterns and old emotions of shame and vulnerability changes our brain chemistry and we can begin to see a new landscape of possibilities.

Something stirs within us.  We discover the birthplace of joy, creativity and belonging to something bigger.  We feel our passion and purpose electrify in the greater Why?.

We tell about it.
We find others who are committed to participating in the evolutionary impulse and we connect in conversation focused on transformation regularly.   

We plan for it and own that the change is ours to do, yet not in isolation.  In a greater context, we access a greater source of energy that is bigger than ourselves and our plans. Small group conversations are the unit of transformation in the 21st century ~ for people, for communities and for the planet.

When you step further into the story you came to live, not only does the mythic territory open, but the deep self moves and the world of imagination and meaning comes towards you.  Michael Meade.

Carole Pecorrini
You may choose either the Wednesday evening series  ( 7 - 9 pm) or the Friday mornings (10 am - noon).  Each will be open for up to 8 women.  Preferences will be honored on a first come basis.  We will meet at my home for a more intimate setting.  18398 Riverside Drive (at Comstock) Sonoma 95476.  Doors will open for light refreshments 30 minutes prior to the program beginning.

Our gathering will include writing and rich conversation.  It will include new language and images for this creative territory we are in and old wisdom stories will offer us with fresh perspectives.  We will use books by Brene Brown, The Gifts of Imperfection and Daring Greatly as guides.

This is my passion and purpose in life.  It is that something that lives in the center of my heart and soul and ripples out to others.  It is something I simply must contribute.  You have your something too.  We can tend to it.  We know about how to close the gap and will yet still discover more. 

Registration deadline is August 3 by check or online here using your credit card (see top right sidebar).  You may register for the entire Small Group Series of your choice with one payment of $180 or two monthly payment of $95 each due by August 3 and Sept 7.  Your check can be sent to Carole Peccorini/ Sonoma Big Ideas at the Riverside Drive address just above.  Will you join us?  What does your heart say?

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

What Are We Here For? Big Ideas July 25

It is life changing to start with the question Why?  We live in a world that doesn't start with Why?  Yet, this question opens up the space for meaning and purpose, passion and inspiration ~ to reveal our true gifts and legacy.  The uncertainty and vulnerability we feel with this question is at the heart of the secret door to living a wholehearted life and actually feeling deeply alive.  What gets in our way?  The Creative Force of the Universe never gives up.  What about us?

Ellen van den Berg
Our next Big Ideas Community Gathering will be Wednesday eve, July 25, at the Sonoma Valley Inn and features Ellen van den Berg and "a longing so deep for me", the journey to feel her Self and discover her legacy.  What am I truly here for?

In 1994, Ellen left her successful career in financial planning.  "I had to go away until I had some answers."  She drove away and disappeared into the forest of the Pacific Northwest.  Here, as in David Waggoner's poem Lost, you are not lost.  Stand still.  The forest breathes.  You must listen.  The forest knows where you are.  You must let it find you.  Ellen realized in the stillness and the clearing it offered her that I could be anybody I wanted to be.

The impact of her decision to let go has led her to people and to travel she had never imagined ~ in Thailand, India and a Tibetan Refugee Center.  Her journey eventually guided her to Holland where she was born and raised and a reconnection with being Dutch and her parents' survival as Jews from the Nazis in WWII.  When she returned to the USA, she settled in Sonoma County to complete her BA and MA at Sonoma State University.  For the past 13 years she's been helping small business owners create meaningful and profitable businesses.

Today she continues to be engaged at that creative edge where dreams and fears meet her longing to connect Ellen with "Why?" at a deeper level.  She works on overcoming her fear of being visible which had been so real and life threatening for her parents and which she had taken on as the truth from a very early age.

This is the story of your life.  It is the story of my life.  It is the story of the research with Brene Brown on living a Wholehearted life.  In addition to listening to Ellen's inspiring story, we will have our own small group conversations around the tables of 8.  What are we here for?  In expressing ourselves, we make the evening truly our own.

Also in July, we will create space to feel and think and dream and question in a small group of 6 to 8 women.  We will engage new material from Brene Brown during our time together.

This is the next opportunity for women who were part of the transformational work we did together in our Small Group Series in April and May and also for new women to experience the power of small group work.  It is a single event offered at two times for your choice:  Wednesday eve, July 11 from 7 - 9 pm or on Friday morn, July 13 from 10 am - noon.  Small groups meet at my home in Sonoma.

There is a Special Summer rate for women who attend both, one of the small group sessions plus the Community Gathering with Ellen van den Berg on Wednesday eve, July 25.  $75 covers both July events.

In August and September, we will begin our Second Small Group Series 2012 of 4 sessions.  We will use Brene Brown's book The Gifts of Imperfection as a guide along with wisdom about the Evolutionary Self, myths and old stories, poetry, our own writing and more.  Bringing this all into rich conversation with other women activates it in our lives and is life changing.  We know it works now.

Will you join us for Big Ideas and Rich Conversations with Women 2012 on Wednesday evening, July 25?  Our community gathering is held at the Krug Event Center, Sonoma Valley Inn, 550 West Second Street (just off West Napa Street near the Plaza).

Carole Peccorini
In addition to our creative evening program with Carole Peccorini, co-founder of Big Ideas and her special guest presenters, you will have the opportunity to meet other women and teens around your table in rich and soulful conversations.

In the way we come together and the conversations we have, we are creating the future right 

Greeting one another begins at 6:15 pm.  A Cash Contribution Wine Bar is available to you for $5 along with gratis coffee, tea and water.

A homemade dessert will be served at 6:50 pm as the evening program begins.

Deadline to register is Friday, July 20, with an additional $10 late registration charge after the 20th.

Will you be attending?  2 ways you can register and reserve your chair at the table.
  1. Register online for either the Small Group Session (choose either July 11 eve or July 13 morn) or the Community Gathering on July 25 eve with Ellen van den Berg for $47.  Or you can do the Summer Special of one Small Group Session + the Community Gathering $78 for both.  You do not have to be a PayPal member.  See upper right sidebar.
Send your check in advance for $45 for either one of the small group sessions or the Community Gathering on July 25.  Or, $75 Summer Special for both.  Carole Peccorini/Big Ideas, 18398 Riverside Drive, Sonoma CA 95476.

Teens and Students $15 with scholarship funds available as needed.  Would you like to gift a chair at the table for a teen?  Simply add $15, $10, or $5 or more to your registration.

The Best Western Sonoma Valley Inn is located at 550 Second Street West in Sonoma.  If you enter from Second Street West, drive all the way to the back of the property behind the Inn to the Krug Event Center and its garden patio entrance.  You can also park along First Street West and follow the walkway at the left to the Event Center garden patio entrance.